People lending to people, simple like that.

Through Mutual investors profit as a bank with a return of up to 400% of CDI a year and the loan has the best rates.

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Mutual means innovation, technology and transparency for you

  • Innovation

    Innovation in personal loans

    As a Fintech, Mutual brings a new way of connecting those who need money to those who seek to profit as a bank.

  • Technology

    Technology in your favor

    Our platform allows more people to have easy access to the credit market, with a careful evaluation, completely online and without bureaucracy.

  • Consulting

    Your need is our need

    Our team is always ready to assist you in the best way possible. Our consultants help you achieve your goals in a safe and transparent way.

  • + 600.000 users

    Through Mutual you can apply for loans without red tape or make investments in a flexible way.

  • + 9.000 loans

    Many are willing to lend money with quick approval.

  • + 21 million reais invested

    Your investment can have a return of up to 400% of CDI a year


Investors and borrowers talking about
their experiences with Mutual

  • Del G

    Del G.


    “I invested on Mutual. The app is reliable and secure. They keep their word and pay very well! (...)"

  • Play Store Érica A

    Érica A.


    “Pretty helpful. The money goes to the bank account earlier than expected. And they still call to confirm if the money is really in your account. I really enjoyed both the attention they give and the affection with the customer."

  • Cledja D

    Cledja Dantas


    “I recently joined Mutual as an investor, and whenever I have questions they answer me as soon as possible. I have nothing negative to say. The idea is very good (...)"

  • Juarez C

    Juarez C.


    “They are people who show a real interest in fulfilling your need"

  • Leonardo R

    Leonardo R.


    “Excellent value proposition for borrowers and investors."

  • Play Store Rogerio S

    Rogerio S.


    “I want to thank Mutual. I made the loan application on 03/11/2018 and today I received the approval of my loan the amount is already in my bank account. Congratulations on the good job and transparency. I’m going to honor my commitment."


There is no insurance. In Mutual the investor is almost like a bank. You can, with an interest rate of up to 400% of CDI a year, have the opportunity to analyze the borrower's credit information (the score and risk of the operation) and invest based on that information.

If the borrower does not pay the loan, Mutual does the entire collection process to recover the principal amount plus fines for being late. We use a proprietary collection system for automatically notifying the borrower of the due date, and the consequences for being late with his payment through various means such as phone, whatsapp, SMS and email. Alongside this automated system, we have a team of dedicated collection specialists working to recover any late payments. We also register the loan default at the Brazilian national credit bureaus, preventing the borrower from taking other loans.

In cases of delinquency greater than 90 days, Mutual has a legal team ready to enter with the judicial collection on behalf of the investor.
Sorry, unfortunately you can’t! But we will forward your request to a partner of ours and through there you will be able to carry out your loan request! : D
Once your registration is approved, you can apply for a loan within the pre-approved limit for your account, which will be available to registered investors in our app. If you are accepted by an investor, our financier will evaluate the loan and at this moment it can be approved or not. If approved, the money will be in your account within 4 working days!

* After being published, the loan is active for 15 days on our platform. If your request is not accepted by an investor during this time, the request will expire from the platform and you can make a new request :)
Of course! We are a banking correspondent and we have an online platform that facilitates the access of customers to products and services offered by partner financial institution. The activity of correspondent banking is regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil, according to the Resolution No. 3,954, of February 24th, 2011.

It is important to state that Fintechs must comply with the laws applicable to other financial institutions, including the capital application and money laundering prevention laws.

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“Leonardo Rebitte, Mutual’s CEO, says the goal of the company is for investors to take the same risks and have the same opportunity of return that the banks have. The company makes a credit assessment of who asks for a loan (...)”

“On the Mutual app the investor is almost like a bank. Before, only financial institutions profited (and a lot) with this modality of investment. Today, anyone, through Mutual, can lend money legally (...)”

“It happened to me. I tried to borrow R$ 10,000 at the bank, I was deployed, I had a job, but the bank could not lend me money. From there was born the will to allow someone to lend me and I founded the company, says the Mutual’s CEO (...)”

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